Commercial Work

Although my passion is for wildlife and landscape photography, I am available for commercial photographic work and have completed a fair number of commissions, small and large.

For sake of clarity, I don’t cover weddings, sports events or shows, family shots or pets. I can take photographs of buildings, homes, gardens, wildlife and natural landscapes. Speak to me, I don’t bite, and there is no obligation. I generally take on projects that interest me and where I can find a synergy between what you require and how I can apply my skills.

I have photographed a range of ideas, from product launches to luxury glamping, from tranquil relaxing internal shots to aerial site views.

I can work with you on an hourly rate, or we can work out a project cost. Be aware that to get that special shot may take time as it requires the right conditions and light. Many times I have had to arrive early or late, or during the night. However the results tend to speak for themselves.

Please contact me for further details