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Red Deer in the long grass

Red Deer in the Long Grass

broad backed chaser

Broad-Backed Chaser

Moat Low Storms

Moat Low Storm

Minninglow Sunrise

Minniglow Sunrise -  Impression

Colourful dawn over Riber

Colourful dawn over Riber

Dawn over Hollins Cross

Dawn at Hollins Cross

Hazy Light on Derwent Reservoir

Misty light at Derwent Reservoir

Feeding in a winter woodland

A moment’s rest !

Winter light at Moat Low

Winter Light at Moat Low

Peat Moorland

The Peat Landscape of Kinder Scout

Red Kite on the wing


Peak Savannah

Peak Savannah

Inquisitive Rat

Inquisitive Rat



Squirrel eating on a mossy stump

Squirrel on a Stump

Sheep in a Derbyshire Meadow

Grazing Sheep in a Tranquil Valley