• " data-meta-title="an art impression of a sunrise at minninglow" data-meta-description="minninglow burial mound at sunrise, rendered into an artwork" data-meta-image="https://www.photographybybones.com/images/uploads/portfolio/pbb_portweb-1-PBB_Portfolio_WEBSITE-23.jpg" data-meta-image-width="3000" data-meta-image-height="2121" data-loaded="n" data-prints="0" data-digital="3">

  • Taken in 2017 

    " data-meta-title="Cirrus Clouds over Moat Low" data-meta-description="Feathery cirrus clouds spread out over the Moat Low burial mound" data-meta-image="https://www.photographybybones.com/images/uploads/portfolio/pbb_portweb-1-PBB_Portfolio_WEBSITE-39.jpg" data-meta-image-width="3000" data-meta-image-height="1313" data-loaded="n" data-prints="0" data-digital="3">
  • Red Stag in the Early Morning Light

  • Sometimes, when the conditions are right and the early sun rises through gaps in the cloud, you get a soft, warm almost ghostly light as the warm sun causes the cool wet grass to steam and evaporate slightly. 

    On Big Moor, it is the rut. October and the stags are bellowing and bloarting at rivals. Here one looks across the moorland watching a distant stag.

    This makes a beautiful soft print. A perfect image capturing the early feel of the Eastern moorlands of the Peak District National Park and its biggest native wildlife. 

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