• Taken in 2017 

    " data-meta-title="Cirrus Clouds over Moat Low" data-meta-description="Feathery cirrus clouds spread out over the Moat Low burial mound" data-meta-image="https://www.photographybybones.com/images/uploads/portfolio/pbb_portweb-1-PBB_Portfolio_WEBSITE-39.jpg" data-meta-image-width="3000" data-meta-image-height="1313" data-loaded="n" data-prints="0" data-digital="3">
  • Squirrel on a Stump

  • A Red Squirrel sits patiently on a stump completely draped with moss in the depths of a coniferous woodland. This little creature allowed me to get closer and closer until I was able to take this with my 24-70mm lens literally a couple of feet away. Such is the power of patience. I spent four and half hours in this woodland in the rain. 

    Taken in 2019 at Hawes, Yorkshire

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