Print and Digital Download Information

I sell both digital images in various formats for you to download for either web, media or print. I also sell prints and framed images from my portfolio here

Every image in my portfolio is available for download in a digital format. Depending on size and quality there are three sizes available. Thes are for PERSONAL use only. They cannot be used for commercial use via the download. All images are available for commercial use, please contact me for pricing and terms of use. 

  •  Web use (small file size)  - These will typically be about 1-2mb in size. About 3000 pixels on the long edge and useful for social media, web page use, electronic articles etc.
  • Magazine use (medium file size) - These are typically 4-6Mb in size and about 4000-5000 pixels along the long edge. Great for A4 prints and magazine size articles.
  • Print use - (large file size) - These are print quality files and may well be 10-30Mb in size with at least 6000 pixels along the long edge and minimum compression. These are the files you should use if sending off to make a personal print. 

Please note that you will be sent an electronic secure link to your file after purchase. If you purchased in error please do NOT DOWNLOAD the file. Once you have downloaded the file I cannot process a refund. Contact me and I will rescind the link and refund your money.

Depending on the requirements, I print on 300gsm lustre paper in my workshop. However I can offer a variety of print and mount options. 
Information about these options is to follow. (March 2020)